Cabo Y RCA Fêmea para Dual Macho Fusion MS-RCAYM

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RCA Splitter Cable Female to Dual Male


Forget about fuzzy connections and enjoy crisp, clear audio with minimal noise when using the high performing audio interconnect and RCA splitter cables on board.


Use the RCA splitter cable to connect your Fusion stereo with an amplifier.


Note: When installing, you must follow the directional marking on the cable.




Superior Noise Rejection - The directional, shielded twisted pair cable provides superior noise rejection, resulting in a cleaner, clearer, enhanced audio signal.


Gold-Plated Connectors - Designed to prevent corrosion, these gold-plated connectors will last season after season.


Color-Coded Connectors - Avoid unnecessary installation issues with easily identifiable colored bands on the left and right connectors.


Product Specifications


Length 0.9ft / 0.3m

Connector Gold-plated RCA

Cable Construction Directional shielded twisted pair

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12x de R$ 5,16
R$ 61,98
ou R$ 55,78 via Boleto Bancário
Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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