Comando para Thruster Single TT / RT Lewmar Gen2 12-24V

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Lewmar’s new range of thruster controls provides a superior tactile control of single or dual thruster installations. 


The controllers are designed for all Lewmar TT, RT, SRT & VRT thrusters fitted with a blue box and can be fitted to thrusters fitted with a black-box using a controller adapter. 


The controllers are installed without the need for rear access and feature a snap-on bezel to neatly hide the mounting screws. A cover is also included, providing additional security against accidental use and giving extra environmental protection. If replacing a previous generation touch panel, joystick panel or dual joystick panel, the existing mounting hole and fixing screw positions can be reused. 


Ergonomic control ‘pad’ gives tactile feedback 


Membrane switch panel sealed from dust and moisture ingress 


Single and dual controllers available 


Dual controllers give total control of vessel via multi-axis function pad 


12-24V dual voltage supply 


Multi-function LED indicator displays system deployment, thruster operation, low voltage, motor temperature warnings & fault conditions. 


Upgrade kit allows installation of single or dual controllers into a thruster system with previous generation controllers 


Fit existing cut-out of Lewmar joysticks 


Removable cover 

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12x de R$ 213,96
R$ 2.567,61
ou R$ 2.310,85 via Boleto Bancário
Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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