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Fully Active, 2-ch. Remote Level Control / Line Driver with Pass-through Outputs


The Possibilities are Endless...


The CL-RLC is a true, active level control preamplifier which can be used for subwoofer level control or as an audiophile-grade, full-range volume control. The CL-RLC's differential-balanced inputs minimize the likelihood of noise, while its very healthy preamp design delivers up to 7.5 VRMS of unclipped output to your amplifier. Unlike cheap, passive line-level controls, no signal passes through the CL-RLC's control cable and knob. Instead, the control knob only sends volume level signals to the preamp circuit in order to maximize fidelity and minimize the possibility of noise.


Subwoofer Level: By inserting the CL-RLC in-line with any signal feeding a subwoofer amplifier, you can control the subwoofer level from the front of the vehicle using the supplied control knob. Another important feature is a buffered pass-through connection so that you can also pass signal along (without volume control) to a satellite amplifier from the same input channels.


Full-Range Volume Control: Since the CL-RLC uses top-quality active circuitry, its application is not just limited to subwoofer duty. It can be used whenever and wherever you want to have volume control over any line-level signal. For example, you can use it to control a center-channel level, rear channel levels, or even the level of an iPod® input directly to an amplifier. The possibilities are endless and will enable very interesting things to be accomplished in a wide variety of systems.


General Specifications

Channel Separation >80 dB

Output Impedance 475 Ω

Gain Range 7.5 V RMS

Max. Unclipped Output 7.5 V RMS

Frequency Response 10 Hz - 30 kHz (+0/-1 dB)

THD+N @ Rated Output Less than 0.05% @ 7.5 V RMS

S/N Ratio >117 dB @ 7.5 V RMS

Max. Input Level 4 V RMS

Operating Current Draw 90 mA


Physical Specifications

Width (W) 3.94 in / 100 mm

Height (H) 1.21 in / 31 mm

Depth (D) 1.63 in / 41 mm

Net Weight 0.55 lb / 0.25 kg

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12x de R$ 53,97
R$ 647,75
ou R$ 582,98 via Boleto Bancário
Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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