Saída de Água Costado em Aço Inox 90 Graus AttWood 66577

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Each Thru-Hull and Scupper Valve is available with a new silicone gasket and are backed by Attwood's trusted Lifetime Warranty! Why specify plastic parts when these fittings will last the life of the boat?


Rugged Stainless Construction


Cast from certified enhanced #316 Stainless Steel allow for strength and lifetime corrosion-resistance.


We polish all visible areas to a mirror finish, then each part through a passivation for additional protection

Thick steel sidewalls withstand continual stress and hose flexing 


Solid Solicone Gasket


Gasket is dimensionally stable--will not deteriorate or shrink over time

Excellent resistance to UV & weather-aging

Watertight, fool-proof, one-piece seal

Eliminates the need to form and apply sealant or caulk


A Hose Size 3/4" I.D.

B Flange Dia. 1-7/8"

C Thread O.D. 1"

D Thread Length 1-1/2"

E Barb Length 3/4"

F Total Length Install. 3-3/8"

Hole Saw Size 1-1/4"

Thread NPSM 3/4"

Max Hull Thick. 1-1/16"

Bulk Without Gasket 66577-1

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12x de R$ 11,65
R$ 139,90
ou R$ 125,91 via Boleto Bancário
Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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