Solenóide para Guincho Quick T6315 150A 12V

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The Quick T6315 is a non-reversing contactor that is able to operate electric motors for windlasses and capstans. Due to the external connections, this unit is very easy to install. The casing of this unit is IP66 waterproof. This unit is sold complete with the solenoid unit and product sheet.  

Technical Specification    

Maximum power of the windlass/capstan motor 2500 W    
Max contact voltage 48 Vdc
Interruption capacity (1) 800 A @ 48 Vdc
Working   intermittent current 150 A
Coil rated voltage 12 Vdc
Recommended fuse 2,5 A Fast    
Degree of protection IP 66
Weight 1,87 g

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